Winter Steelhead fishing gear

Sorry about the wait!!!!

I must first apologies about the time between posts. Guiding trout has been busy and my other PC was burn up in a power surge produced by my electric company in April. So the fight with them goes on.

With only a couple of week until things are a bout to get hot and heavy, I remain calm. We all want to rush out there and get that first one out of the way. The fact of the matter is right now you could fish over 1000 fish in a day, and if those fish aren’t happy good luck. My advise on the matter is watch the weather when things are predicted to cool off then start to think heavy on the summer steelhead.
I can tell you from many early season days on the water, right now it is TOUGH…
Lastly there will not be such a lag on my part between the post this year hopefully ever, again I am sorry.
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