Jamie Strikes Chrome!!!!

This morning I was able to get my better half out of bed for a day on the water. What a beautiful day it was. The morning air was crisp, we were the first boat on the water. Which made the float to our first piece of water a very relaxing one.

Jamie was super excited to try out one of her new PRO TUBES. The color combo of yellow and blue may sound interesting to some but for this early season hatchery buck, he could not let the fly pass. The fish took the fly with about as much speed and tenacity as any summer steelhead that I have seen. I went from looking at her reel to watching the backing go through the guides, in what seemed like a hundredth of a second. As with fighting most buck steelhead there was a lot of tug of war style fighting after the initial good long run. This was then followed by a small but impressive series of jumps.
We were finally able to put the finishing touches on him, so that we could get a quick photo. The fishing has still been slow, I would think that by the end of the month fishing will be more productive. Everyone seems just a bit over excited by the number of fish and water temps., this that and the other thing. We all have to remember that when you steelhead fish nothing is a given, especially in July. Enjoy the photo I know I will.
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