Deschutes water temps

Well I have had just about as much as I can take on the subject of water temps. I have been fishing the Deschutes for steelhead since I was 16. I have worked full time for the Hazel clan for the past 6. I will now go into what I know about the water in the lower river in July.

My facts,
1. The Deschutes is a broad flat river that flows through a desert that commonly gets over 100 degrees in the months of july and august. The 112 mile of the lower river flows north and the canyon is in direct sun for the majority of any sunny day. The days in question are also some of the longest of the year, giving more hours of UV penetration a day.
2. My records show a higher morning water temp. by about 2 to 4 degrees. My records also show that the after noon temps match to a tee the past 6 years. Meaning the temperatures in the afternoon have been the same always between 67 to 70. The highest lower river temp that I have recorded was 72 degrees July 7 th. 2008.
Nobody said shit that year, why do you think that is????
3. Earlier in the month we received a file of historic river temperature data from Tom Larimer. I had a chance while working in the fly shop over the span of 2 days to read this info. The data indicates that the rivers high afternoon temperature have been more or less the same since 1955, this years temps are no different than normal.
The data also indicated that the river never goes above 64 degrees until the confluence of the white river. The White river flows into the Deschutes river on a hot water year at 80 to 81 degrees.
4. No matter what PGE does at the damn. They cannot control the water temps at the mouth. the same study showed that under any water temps at the damns release the water in the lower river would be effected by less than .5 degrees. Not a big change now is it.
The photos that I posted above are from the past 3 days. All I know for sure about steelhead is the man or women that fishes the most, the cleanest, and the fastest holds the most fish. If you would like the name of the data that I speak of call the Deschutes Angler fly shop (541-395-0995) and we can give you all the info you need on the matter.
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