Winter Steelhead fishing gear

200′ cast

I had Jamie out the other night and thought some of you guys might like to see a big cast with a big rod. The line is one of Nextcast new CHAMP 18.

Goes pretty good.
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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Hi Travis,

    Sorry to be the doorknob and yell at you on Friday while you were guiding. Here is the report to make up for it. there seemed to be a pod of fish around lockit with one that was very willing to pull on my fly – great start to the trip. these fish were very eager to attack my buddy’s lure though. more fish below lockit and then above and below kloan. quite crowded already for early season. i would say the fish are well spread out and you were right the morning bite was better. have a good season – i will try to be a bit more discrete next time if I see you – it was just the exuberance of being on the river I am sure 🙂 take care. Tim


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