The Sandy is still putting out some fish

I must first apologize for the delay in the blog I should have posted last week. I am Sorry. On a better note we did manage to hook a few fish last week. Water is low but had a nice steelhead green to it. I also saw the first hatchery fish of the season. I have another full week of guiding coming up.

The tips we used light maybe 130 to 140 grains sink rate of about a type 6. The flies were very drab dark brown and orange and the other a olive and orange. The season is far from over if you Have never been down call the shop and set a date. With some hard work, some shitty weather, and a dash of luck we should be able to find a fish. The picture above is good client and just a great sport Mark Freidman, seems happy!!!

Dress warm this week it might even snow, at least maybe rain either is fine with me.
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