Does it feel like winter Steelheading?

Boy oh boy what a strange weather year. The past week and a half the only time I feel it might be winter is in the morning. I feel like I should pack sunscreen for my sports not an extra jacket.The conditions on the home water have been tough but there are fish. One must just be confident and never in question the method, enjoy the time as best and fish as well as you can the fish will come.

Speaking of that, there is a new strom system on its way for the nexted week. I will be out for almost the entire week . Expect a fresh blog soon. enjoy the morning fishing picture, at least you know it is COLD.
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  1. Jkb
    Jkb says:

    Sunday was the same way! Frosty cold in the morning, but threatening to get nice. I fished the Clackamas and dressed warm, but light for this time of year. Just some beautiful weather!


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