Casting photos

I thought you guys might want to see some great casting photos that Jamie took of me. If you look at both the amount of extension that my body gives in both the back and forward strokes. The number 1 thing to get a great long cast or any cast for that matter is a slow and controlled lift. These are the first still photos of my casting that I have ever laid eyes on. I did get a video of some casting last fall from Steve Egge of Puyallup, WA. so it is kinda interesting to look at.
The rod is an 18 foot Bruce and Walker Norway Speycaster. The line is a Carron 105 competition line and the best distance of the day…. along ways. Enjoy the picture and I hope you learn something from them, I know i did. I know the line is hard to see. If you double click on the picture you can view the full size picture and see better detail.

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