Flash or no Flash, that’s the question

Now for those who know me, or have been out on guide trips. You know that I usually follow a more traditional approach with my fly selection. With an open mind I looked at some of the rules I like to follow in my ever going quest for the elusive winter steelhead.

The rule that I turn to when times may be tough is fly size having a direct reflection in comparison to water temperature. Without giving away to many trade secrets, the warmer the water the smaller the fly. Having that in mind, in the winter with far cooler water conditions we use bigger flies.

I would now like to offer another idea or dogmatic theory. The same concept could be applied to water turbidity, simply the more turbid the water the more flash can be applied. Now steelhead theory is always being test for both pros and their cons. Another problem in validating something like this is that some folks are just a bit shied away by these very garish offerings, some won’t even look at them as flies but more like a plug that a gear fisherman might use.

How ever you want to take this bit of info is always up to you. With running the risk of sounding a bit brash with these kinds of things, i just want to add that with these ideas i have taken as many fish as days on water in four different rivers. Fished with the same fly in all scenarios. Food for thought have some fun with it.
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