A great phrase for the true WINTER steelheader

When I get stuck somewhere or sometimes and can’t escape. I often read something on the subject that helps my mind keep it peace. The simple mention of winter steelhead to some people make them instantly cold, to others it gives goose bumps of another kind. When in pursuit of a not only the most worthy but seemingly elusive opponent. I often think of the following passage to keep myself in check.

“When the first real rains of winter roil the streams in the coast country the steelhead, out at sea, hear their own rivers calling. And they have to come in. You may depend on it. They have to swim above the gravel again and under the cedars and firs. That is the law as it was appointed for steelheads. So we fisherman, if may style myself by a name so honorably ancient, are almost excited about a real steelhead rain as the steelhead are. And we have to go too.”

Ben Hur Lampman. A leaf from french eddy.


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