First Look at the River

I would just like to report on the status of the Sandy river. After just coming off the water i would like to say that the river was in great shape. The flow was a bit high but what can you do that’s what brings in the fish. All the runs that I had a chance to fish brought the fly acrossed in the most artful of manners.

The minute that I waded into the cold glacial water and the pressure of the flow gathered against my knee, I was instantly reminded that I was winter steelhead fishing. The day had that sometimes slight but ever present rain. With a temperature that was ever constant all day. As I stood making every cast count, watching and waiting with every swing on the ready. Never questioning my sink tips depth, never forsaking the offering I had placed at the terminal end of my line. I just went fishing…

And it was fun. The day yielded no fish but that’s just a matter of time.

They say that there is no justice in Steelhead fishing, I say that if you get to stand in some of the most beautiful water on the planet and cast with even the mutter of a chance at a Steelhead that in it self justifies all. When it come down to the math of the fishing, the river only rewards the diligent. So get ready, book your trips now and prepared for anything who knows who will hold the 20 lb fish this year.
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